List of innovation projects


Project AbZuMeOH

The aim of the joint project AbZuMeOH - Waste to Methanol – is to investigate the potential of utilizing carbon dioxide for methanol synthesis. The CO2 results from the incineration of (biogenic) waste and the production of burnt lime.


Project InA

Project InA Insect-based sustainable aquaculture aims to establish a flexible, modular, scalable and smart pilot plant for the sustainable inland production of shrimp based on regional side streams and using feed insects (black soldier flies).


Project AMP Food

Customized antimicrobial peptides from insects as food and feed ingredients for prevention of microbial spoilage by Gram negative bacteria



Generation of BIO-based phase change materials from waste management processes for integration into Thermal Energy Storage Foam (TESS) as a sustainable insulating system for building applications-BIOTESS



Innovative use of different biomasses for the production of PYROlyzed plant carbon as an additive for CEMent based construction materials with integrated CO2 reduction.


Project PHA4Pack

PHA biopolymers from CO2 for packaging materials using disposable medical products and special films as an example


Project SusBev

The SusBev - Sustainable Beverages - project aims to utilize agricultural residues and side streams from viticulture and other regional agricultural processes and turn them into healthy and tasty beverages and foods with the help of fermentative processes.


Das Projekt GreenProScale

Im Projekt GreenProScale – Prozessintegration und Scale-Up einer Grünschnitt-Bioraffinerie unter Berücksichtigung der Robustheit des Systems - wird die effiziente biotechnologische Nutzung schwach verholzter Biomasse im Sinne einer nachhaltigen Kreislaufwirtschaft untersucht.


Project GlyPac

Small reactive glycan binders in printing inks and coatings for packaging


Project Gras To Plast

Development of an impact-resistant grass fiber compound with permanent pasture grass


Project INFeed (completed)

Project INFeed – Customized feed for a sustainable nutrition – develops refining processes for the sustainable production of insect-based animal feed from food scraps.


Project GlyChem (completed)

GlyChem – Glycans and co-products as biogenic recyclables – develops extraction and upgrading processes for the sustainable production of recyclable materials from carbohydrate-rich or lignocellulosic material streams.


Project SynBioTech (completed)

Synergistic development of biotechnological and chemical processes to add value to decentralized C1 material streams


Project GreenToGreen (completed)

Project GreenToGreen – municipal green waste as the basis for green chemistry – develops processes for the material use of park and garden waste for a sustainable production of chemicals and animal feed.


Project CtC (completed)

The objective of project CTC – Carbohydrate wastes to Chemicals is to exploit sugar from carbohydrate waste streams and use it as a future raw material base for the production of glycols.


The project is supported by the BMBF funding measure "Innovation Spaces Bioeconomy" within the framework of the "National Research Strategy Bioeconomy 2030".


Provadis Hochschule

Provadis Hochschule is the university of the industry and offers dual and part-time science and business degree programs for more than 1,200 students throughout Germany.


DECHEMA e.V. is the competent network for chemical engineering and biotechnology in Germany. As a non-profit professional society, it represents these fields in science, industry, politics and society.