Project Funding

To expand the Innovation Space and for further technology development, BioBall is continuously looking for new innovative projects. We are looking forward to your ideas!

Do you have an idea on how to improve the recycling of biogenic material flows in a metropolitan region? Or how a residual material can be rethought as a raw material for products in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries? Then please feel free to contact us [] at any time! The BioBall office helps to coordinate and support your project.

What is Important to Us?

In order to use the Innovation Space to achieve a shift towards a bio-based, sustainable economy, we pay particular attention to the following points when considering project ideas:

  • Contribution to climate protection and achievement of the 2 degree target
  • Potential for value creation and market share
  • Volume and utilization potential of residual material streams
  • The transferability of the technology or products to other regions

As the criteria already show, it is important to us that projects are very application oriented (TRL 4-7 at the end of the project). During the project period, the contribution of each project to the above criteria will be quantified with the support of the accompanying project TransRegBio. The extent to which your idea contributes to the criteria should be plausibly explained when submitting your application. For funding, a significant contribution from the consortium is required (minimum 40% in total across all partners). If you have any questions regarding the criteria, the BioBall office will be happy to assist. Please do not hesitate to contact us [].

Timeline of the Application Process

  • 14 Days

    Phase I: Projekt Idea

    You send an informal presentation of your project idea (approx. 1-3 pages).
    The office will evaluate it and give you feedback. We will be happy to suggest further partners to you - if desired (matchmaking).

  • 1 Month

    Phase II: Project Outline

    You submit a project outline with detailed information about the project idea (max. 10 pages).
    The BioBall board of directors will review the proposal. The board will make recommendations and, if the outline suits the BioBall criteria, invite you to submit a full proposal.

  • 8 Weeks + 3–4 Months(PTJ)

    Phase III: Full Application

    You submit a full proposal according to the funding guidelines of BioBall and the BMBF.
    A review is performed by scientific experts.

    A final review is then conducted by the Projektträger Jülich.

  • Approval & Project Start


The project is supported by the BMBF funding measure "Innovation Spaces Bioeconomy" within the framework of the "National Research Strategy Bioeconomy 2030".


Provadis Hochschule

Provadis Hochschule is the university of the industry and offers dual and part-time science and business degree programs for more than 1,200 students throughout Germany.


DECHEMA e.V. is the competent network for chemical engineering and biotechnology in Germany. As a non-profit professional society, it represents these fields in science, industry, politics and society.